Friday, 5 October 2007

seychelles breakfast

seychelles breakfast
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This is a typical selection of breakfast in the Seychelles.The very small bananas are so sweet and extremely moreish, I love them , whilst staying with my mums family there were so many of these outside the kitchen growing in abundance.Without even realising it from very a early age my food was very seasonal. We only ate what was in season, fresh from the land and sea. For me this simplistic attutide to food is the best it means to me everything I eat is at its best .

Take for example an avocado .This when in seasons is so soft and the flesh is flavoursome.It has natural sugar. Take that same said avocado that has been picked offf the tree before its best and you have the makings of the worst taste experience of your life. The fruit is unyelding and has a grainy texture,very unpleasant. Eating in season is extremely important to me. I enjoy the surprises that each season represents, keeping in seasons means keeping the family connection , I eat as my ancestors ate, I have passed that on to my children who in turn will pass it on .

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