Thursday, 30 August 2007

Where is the seychelles?

So many people have asked where is the seychelles so here goes a brief geography lesson.
The Seychelles are right in the heart of the Indian Ocean between the African East Coast and India. They are a bit closer to Africa geographically speaking but culturally and geologically speaking it is maybe closer to the Indian subcontinent. The Seychelles are the only granitic islands in the world (all the others are volcanic or biological in origin) which accounts for it's unusual rock formations. The islands were "left behind" as the Indian sub-continent moved northward on its way to collide with Asia. The seychelles consist of 115 islands, all of the type "tropical paradise used in Bounty commercial". Mahe is the biggest island. It is dominated by a mountain range that forms the backbone of the island. The highest peak, Morne Seychellois, reaches a height of 905metres and provides a perfect backdrop to the capital city Victoria. Nearby is the beautiful Ste Anne Marine National Park Praslin is the second biggest island. One century ago, General Gordon (of Khartoum) visited this island and became convinced that it was the location of the original earthly paradise, the Garden of Eden. But La Digue is probably the most beautiful island. An aura of charm and tranquillity surrounds La Digue. For years the way of life on La Digue has remained unchanged, transport is mainly by ox-cart or bicycle. On La Digue, time seems to stand still.


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