Tuesday, 18 September 2007

cucumber salad

.Writing this blog makes me think about the ways I have been taught to make dishes by my parents. The instructions you are given and you never question them because thats how it has been shown to them. Generation after generation are shown how to make something ,nothing is ever written ,seems so funny to now try and measure and explain to others how to make these dishes. Its difficult to measure a handful of parsley .We always use ginger and whenever I tried to get my dad to tell me how much I should use he would always use this thumb and show the amount on his thumb it makes complete sense but it is rather difficult to write this for others. All of my family cook this way and it works so very well.I'm sure we all agree that the best tasting dishes are those which start off with "take the chicken,add some salt and pepper add a little of this and a little of that" I call it instinctive cooking ,knowing exactly what is missing from a dish. The following recipe is one such example try it adding more of this and less of the other to suit your taste.

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