Monday, 22 October 2007


This is a bouillon, in France a bouillon means stock. Court bouillon meaning short boil is vegetable stock usually prepared for fish or poultry. In Seychelles ,we have a bouillon as part of our meal. It is a light refreshing broth. This particular one is made with Chinese leaves, some are made with fish, a vast amount of leaves can be used .I like to use chum soy, bok choy, cos lettuce makes a really great bouillon .Bouillon provides a clear base stock which somehow concentrates the flavour of either the fish or the vegetables.The real essence of the leaves comes through. It is eaten with rice,I particularly like it with fried fish, the broth provides the sauce element that is needed with the dry fish and rice.Bouillon to me represents winter, comfort food i love nothing better than a hot bowl of this with nothing else. when my children feel unwell a bowl of this always hits the spot, light ,delicate broth .Try it.
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Hi Helda,

Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while! Hope things are OK with you. Are you still interested in doing some wine tasting?