Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Vanilla sugar

Since starting this blog everything I now eat is being examined ,eg; I fancied a cup of tea, boiled kettle , go to cupboard to get out sugar, take lid off and the scent of the sugar evokes another memory.

Ever since I was a child (believe me it was a long time ago) there has always been a few broken pieces of vanilla http://www.vanillaplantations.com/ tucked into our tin of sugar. The scent of vanilla has always been a favourite of mine. My mum is a superb cake maker and she uses this vanilla scented sugar. This sugar also perfumed our coffee and tea.

I recently visited the new John lewis food store in londons oxford street,I spotted a jar of this for a fiver, can you believe it. Make your own for much cheaper.If you are using fresh vanilla pods and scraping out the seeds dont throw them away use for this recipe.

Vanilla scented sugar

1kg/2lb sugar

2 vanilla pods

Take a tin with a lid add both ingredients ,when it starts to be empty keep topping up.

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Jules said...

I also make my own vanilla sugar. I think I'm obsessed with using it in most recipes now!