Monday, 11 February 2008

Coconut truffles

truffles 03
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Coconuts are plentiful in the Seychelles,so its fairly obvious that coconuts feature in lots of dishes.I love chocolate and coconut . opening a coconut are be daunting , the link shows how I open mine . The beautiful photo is from flickr.

50g/2oz plain chocolate chopped,use the good stuff.
30ml/2tbsp single cream
100g/4oz icing sugar, sifted
50g/2oz grated coconut
Chocolate ,grated/coconut grated .


1.Heat the 50g chocolate in bain marie.
2.When melted remove and beat in the cream.
3.Gradually work in the icing sugar and grated coocnut.
4.Cover and chill until firm enough to handle.
5. Form into balls, coat 6 truffles iin the grated chocolate ,the remainder in grated coconut.

Sit back and enjoy.

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Haley said...

We would like to feature your coconut truffles on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)