Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My slowcooked pasta sauce

Nothing makes me feel like comfort food than winter. As much as I love cusine creole I love food full spot.Today I made a slow cooked tomato sauce. It's such a quick and easy recipe and it has so many uses. I use in with the obvious pasta but i love it mixed with cooked green beans shredded basil.Its also delicious cooked with cannelli beans, or butter beans with a grilled piece of fish.
The following recipe doesn't require much preparation but the resulting sauce tastes like it has taken lots of prep.
Slow cooked sauce
I make a large pot of this but ill give you a more manageable amount.
2 tins of tomatoes, now I don't want to sound pompous but use the best you can afford.I like italian ones.
1 clove of garlic , lightly squashed,
2tsp olive oil
1tsp sugar
salt n pepper
Add all the ingredients to the pan and cook it very very slowly, you must make all the juice reduce. It takes 50 or so minutes for this amount ,the photo shows light bubbles on the surface of the sauce this is ready. Remove from heat.
You can add other flavouring at this point, a pinch of choppd chilli ,a splash of balsamic is nice,or some shredded basil my favourite. Try and make lots it freezes beautifully and it enables you to have standby dishes that make all the difference to those impromptu meals we all have .
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