Monday, 20 August 2007

Cuisine Creole

As we all have so many vivid memories of food I thought it might be interesting to record the food that I ate in my childhood.One of my passions is food, I have hundreds of cookbooks. On rare occasions I have been know to walk away from bookshops. I am always interested in others childhood memories of food, Nigel slaters ;toast,Mary continis:Dear Francesa ,springs to mind. I have often disregarded my parents cuisine purely because I become so involved with sampling the delights of everyone else's food.However, the food of my childhood was always eaten and often the foods I turn to when I don't know what else to cook, which makes them second nature. As we all know some of the best foods are the ones that are instinctive. No recipes but often the imagined voices of a parent or a grandparent guiding you through it.Friends have often asked my about the food and' whats it like 'It set me thinking that perhaps others would be interested on food from the seychelles and what it was like growing up in london with parents who cooked nothing but creole food.By the way creole food is what the seychellois (seychelle folk) call their food,nothing to do with americas louisana style of cooking.So welcome !!!!

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chris said...

HI, I have a friend from the Seychelles and for her birthday she wants Roast Suckling Pig, any suggestions? It is flavored with garlic and ginger and a BBQ Sauce? Thank You, Chris