Saturday, 29 September 2007


The coconut is indispensible in seychellois cuisine.Most recipes call for grated coconut.

Grated coconut

Hold the coconut in the palm of the hand,eyes toward thumb or little finger, and with the back of a heavy cleaver, crack the coconut deftly down the center with a hefty wallop.Lift the cleaver quickly, so as to shatter the husk. Repeat,rotating the coconut.Two, three times should do it. do this over a bowl to catch the glorious water.

The coconut water when fresh is one of the most thirst quenching of liquids; however it does sour quickly,and is often used to ferment vegetables or it makes a lovely vinegar.

The coconut halves are washed and then grated. Traditionally , the grater used is a small stool with a sharp pronged grater at one end and the person sits on it legs on either side and the grater is in front and you grate away. I just use a convientional grater.

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