Monday, 24 September 2007


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These are called bilimbi .Multi lobed,oblong fruit. They are related to the star fruit and it feels like star fruit. They are crunchy but have a very watery flesh. A very sour fruit used in fish dishes used like tamarind or sour mango, it adds a wonderful tang. These fruit are not eaten raw. I will be making a few dishes that contain them .These have been frozen so my mum always has a supply.Thse can be made into a pickle sour, hot, salty


Happy cook said...

Wow when i was living in my moms place in India we had this in our garden. My mom used to put them in salt water etc... delicious.
She also used to make fish curry with Bilimbi and pickles too.

Jeena said...

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Jeena xx

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Su-Lin said...

I bit into a raw bilimbi (belimbing in Malay) and instantly regretted it. So sour!