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simply mango

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Sometimes simple menus are the call of the day.We are all so preoccupied with learning and savouring new tastes that we often neglect fruit. Most of us are quite happy on holiday to tuck into a delicious platter of exotic fruit or to end the meal with fruit. Other countries have a respect and love for fruit and are quite unashamedly happy to serve you simply fruit .I love fruit. We should all eat much more ,not just because it good for us, but more importantly it tastes so bloody good .Take for instance a pineapple ,this pricky strange fruit onced peeled is so delicious, its so easy to peel ,yet many people go and buy it in a tin .It doesnt taste the same.If on a menu you have a choice of tinned fruit salad and lets face it many people do eat it and serve it ,or, a baked sponge with custard(yum yum) what would you choose? There is nothing like freshly prepared fruit exotic or otherwise .So , go on treat yourself to a some papaya, pineapples,mangoes and savour marvel at its magic.

Simple mango recipe

Last night I was transported but to a very vivid memory of sitting on the beach in the seychelles ankle deep in the sea watching my dad peeling some mangoes that he had earlier picked from a tree in the grounds of my grandmothers home. He peeled the skin , cut in to slices,and washed it in the sea ,a sprinkling of black pepper was added , he handed me a slice. Delicious, that was the tastest piece of fruit I had ever eaten.The sweet,hot (from the pepper,salty.juicy hit all the taste buds all at once a perfect combination.

I had been shopping at a local indian groceries shop and these delightful spheres of sweet golden fruit had to be bought. The above recipe was promptly done and desserts were served. When buying mangoes for this get ones that are not too soft it works, but its much nicer if the fruit is a little underripe.

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Nick said...

Hi Helda,

This sounds mouth watering - I hadn't heard of fresh mango washed with salt water and sprinkled with pepper before.