Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Seychelles tea

With the early dark evenings , cold wet weather comfort food springs to mind. For me, I love a cup of tea. Teas from the Seychelles a rare treat and always used when I'm planning a comfort food day, Delight in a cup of fragrant SeyTé (Seychelles Tea) produced in five blissful flavours: vanilla, cinnamon, orange, mint and lemon . I absolutely love the vanilla tea.
We always drank our tea with evaporated milk, or condensed milk. Whilst livestock is now quite plentiful my mum said when she was growing up cows were very rare therefore milk was a scarce commodity hence the use of tinned milk. The addition of tinned milk might sound strange but it really adds a creamy,sweet edge almost like an irish coffee,without the alcohol just perfect with a dressing gown, fluffy slippers a couple of digestives.


C. E. Revilla said...

I am looking for a Houston, Texas dealer that sells Seychelles teas,
and in particular Seyte vanilla tea.

C. E. Revilla

Schnuggleteam said...

love SeyTé Vanilla and would really like to buy a few boxes. I couldn't find an online seller, so please let me know if someone would be willing to sell & ship to the US? E-mail: lara_d@excite.co.uk