Sunday, 4 November 2007

Banana Tart

There are always bananas left over and instead of wasting them or making the usual banana bread I made these delightful banana and coconut tarts adapted from the fantastic Peter Gordon. This is scarcely a recipe .Take some shortcrust pastry, peters recipe calls for puff, bake them for 10 min or so remove from oven .In a bowl mash three ripe bananas add a large cupful of grated coconut.I added 1tsp vanilla extract. Add this filling to the pre baked tarts.I spread the tarts with raspberry jam and then added the filling.Bake for 10-15 min until golden brown .Leave to cool sprinkle with more coconut. Really quick and easy recipe. The wonderful thing about this recipe this the way the bananas almost souffle and combined with the coconut gives great body to it. The raspberry jam added a little sticky sweetness but can be left out for purity of flavour. this recipe is perfect for leftover ripe bananas. Try it.

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70% cocoa said...

Yum! I'm working on Gluten free frangipane tarts at the moment, but I might have to reserve a few to fill with banana and coconut - I like the idea of the banan puffing up - fascinating.