Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A roaring fire

Barbeque Sunday
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Few things stir me, one of which is the smell of firewood ashen ,grey .I love having barbeques they are etched in my brain.I have great childhood memories .My favorite is one we had in seychelles on the beach i was only five or six but I remember the smells and sights.Gorgeous roasted bread fruit black and charred but within a soft cream interior sweet and yet not.

Indian ocean mackerel studded with chillies and chared in spots added the right mount of smokiness .It was served with an unusual
accompaniment of chatiini payaya. At its simplist it's a shredded salad soured with lemon but of course, as with most simple things its steeped in tradition and I'll have my hand slapped for the crude defintion. I wanted to created a picture and offer my thoughts of this my first memory of bbq.

The one lasting thing about all my memories of bbques is that they have alll been family events first and foremost with my parents and my own children, and more recently friends laughin .drinking,dancing and lots of eating all around the fire. it fills me with so much pleasure a sausage ,a whole jerked snapper,or the hubble spud and much more all taste like heaven to me when done on the barbie.

I find it strange that i have been neglecting this blog as food is such an interrugal part of my life.I cook almost everyday from scratch and yet,somehow. i neglect taking photos.ok,my photos aren't too great but I'm going to try and blog much more about food.

I end with this beautiful image from flickr to help you remember your fav bar beque memory.

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kamlavati said...

With the powder-soft sand between your toes, impossibly s.mooth granite rocks soaring out of a cobalt ocean and the sun a permanent fixture in a cloudless sky, you may be forgiven for associating Seychelles with nothing more than the world's most beautiful beaches. But put aside the idea of a deliciously idle fortnight, for here is the opportunity to explore a wondrous natural paradise, an opportunity to be jealously seized and never forgotten.