Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Smoked mackerel

There are just somethings I never do without in my fridge ,smoked mackerel fillets,is one of those things ,peppered or plain.You can make all manner of things ,I love it flaked and added to potato dauphinose.,a add it to salad, even just having them with grilled tomatoes for breakfast.

Today I baked butternut squash, green ,red, orange peppers, red onions, garlic,chopped red chillies together anointed lightly with some olive oil. Bake until soft and golden.Five minutes before you are ready to take the dish out of the oven add a handful of cherry tomatoes .Just so they are warmed through .This dish is best served warm. add a large handful of basil leaves an drizzle with lovely balsamic vinegar. Baking vegetables to my mind concentrates the flavour .These vegetables work very happily together. An easy one pot dish.

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Coffee and Vanilla said...

We love smoked mackerel, I use it mostly cold in salads... your recipe sounds yummy!

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